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Dangerous Thing #19: Stand on the Roof

In Experience on May 10, 2010 at 3:24 pm

Because it is there.

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Location: Austin, Tx.
Date: April 9, 2010
Objects: House, Ladder

This ain’t no big “thang” at our home. Sam has been getting up on the roof for years now. Making this a cake walk … for me. I’m no fan of walking on the roof and it has taken a few times of Sam and David being up there for me not to feel queasy. Cool temperatures this weekend made the task of cleaning leaves off the roof less dreaded, and what a great opportunity for Sam to strut his stuff!

As you see, he is very comfortable one-story up, even being a ham. And although Sam looks blasé about the dangers of this experience, he is very aware of his edge (both literally and internally). Isn’t that what this book is all about?

Comment’s included: “This was the most fun 50 Dangerous Thing (besides sword fighting and climbing a tree)”, “It’s nice to be invited up while dad is sweeping” and “This was the 15th time I’ve been on the roof. Nothing different from before”.

Next time Sam says he wants “to climb off the roof withOUT a ladder”. Good times.