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Dangerous Thing #1: Lick a 9-Volt Battery

In Uncategorized on May 10, 2010 at 3:04 pm

Taste Electricity

Location: Austin, Tx.
Date: May 3 & 9, 2010
Objects: 9-volt battery and aluminum foil

This photo speaks a mouthful. Sam was NOT a fan of this dangerous thing. We tried this together, me first. Nervous, not knowing what to expect, I was stunned by the shock it produced. Sam was game to give it a go despite my reaction, however he was none too pleased afterwords. He reported that the quick touch of terminal to tongue resulted in a jolt that “hurt”. And not a momentary experience of pain, but one that lasted “too long” … “for hours!”

We followed up a week later with the alternate, aluminum foil version. We both don’t think we felt electricity, but it did leave a less than good taste in our mouths. The action of eating foil was fun, bizarre! Personally, I love doing these experiments with Sam, we are connecting and being silly and recording our experiences helps to integrate and synthesize “what just happened?!”

  1. That face is priceless!

    My son and I are working on a couple videos in which we try some of Gever’s dangerous things and our own dangerous thing (#50 I think). I’ve just put you on my RSS feed reader and I’ll let you know when the videos are up in case you are interested.

  2. I remember doing this, at parental urging, when I was about 5. It didn’t really hurt much, per se, possibly because the battery was not new, but I do still remember that crazy taste!

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