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50 dangerous things author in Austin THIS WEEKEND!

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Not to be missed!

Dangerous thing #13: Boil Water in a Paper Cup

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The intersection of incompatible elements

What we learned from this experiment was that Starbucks cups are HEAVY DUTY. That thing just sat there on the open flame and the water boiled and boiled for probably about an hour. Jack decided to try boiling a hot dog. And then Bruno wanted one, so he boiled a hot dog, too. And the cup and boiling water were still going strong.

Unbelievable! So now you know, if you’re ever out camping or something you needn’t even necessarily bring a pot with you… your cast-off paper coffee cup will work just fine. Gever suggests an option of folding an origami box if you can’t find a paper cup. I’d like to try that one and see what happens with really flammable paper.

Dangerous thing #20: Squash Pennies on a Railroad Track

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Leverage the force of a locomotive.

West Texas holds many opportunities for dangerous thing-ing. Including an accessible and safe opportunity to test more speed related experiments. An active commercial railroad passes through the center of town day and night, with ample and obvious warnings, via train horn, crossing bells and gates. So we were safe and ready to go.

Location: Marfa, Tx.
Date: March 13, 2010
Speed: Unknown
Object: Penny

First time, Sam and his buddies all placed a single penny on the rail. We failed to tape it down since, surprise!, I didn’t read the instructions. We discussed what results we thought would occur, and got 3 different answers:

1. The train will totally squashed the penny
2. The train will knock the penny off the rail
3. The train wheels will collect the penny and take it away

All three thoughts were verified! The coins were indeed (1) totally squashed, the ones we easily found. One coin eluded our search until 67 rails later (2) it was discovered… totally squashed. And on the second run, after I read the taping down the coin thing, the train seemed to have melted the penny onto its wheel. For a length of the track we saw tiny impressions of rounded shapes on the rails, but no penny. We concluded that (3) the train took the coins with it.

Some coins were so squashed that no traces of the penny’s design remained. But on some you could still identify Abe Lincoln, etc.. We attempted squashing a quarter as well. The result was similar, but delighted in the discovery that the grooved edges remained. Cool stuff.

Dangerous Thing #45: Play with Fire

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Harness the most awesome force in nature.

Dangerous Thing #15: Throw Things from a Moving Car

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Play with speed, gravity and wind resistance.

A road trip to West Texas gave our family an opportunity to finally dive into the 50 Dangerous Things. True to form, I didn’t read the instructions stating that this dangerous thing was best experienced at 40mph. And, if I read the instructions I also would’ve known that we should’ve tried multiple kinds of perishables. Oh well, typical me. However, this offers an opportunity to revisit this dangerous thing, right?

Location: Rte 67, Alpine, Tx.
Date: March 11, 2010
Speed: 60mph
Object: Banana

Regretfully, Sam wasn’t that impressed. He was pretty disappointed that the banana (we tried this 2 times) followed the wind patterns and landed behind the car, not on the side of the road as anticipated. Upside: He knows more about aerodynamics now! I think an explosion would’ve elicited a more enthusiastic result… I have a feeling we can arrange that. Stay tuned.

Dangerous Thing #3: Master the perfect somersault

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Before they are banned at your school.